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  • Made for More… But What?
    My number one goal in life is to love God with my whole heart and do what he wants me to do. To go where he goes. Say what he says. Over the years, I’ve confused my will with his, and done what turned out to be what I wanted, but I’m still learning.For the…
  • This Morning’s Thoughts
    I know a family who is broken (aren’t we all), with 2 now grown children. They’ve been through a ton, but one child was enabled their whole life at the cost of the other. I’ve watched them since I was very young, wondering why the parent couldn’t see what they were doing and why they…
  • A New Beginning
    I’m reading this great book about finding my identity in Christ, and it has really changed some negative mindsets for me. If you get a chance to read it, it’s called “Living Fearless” by Jamie Winship. In the book, he prompts people to pray and ask the Lord to reveal lies we believe about ourselves…

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