A Loving Heart

When we see ourselves as God sees us; His babies, we automatically start seeing others differently. We realize that the only reason we can truly, unconditionally love others is because Christ loved us first. And then we begin to love the Lord with all our heart and soul, and love our neighbour as ourselves.

So many of us know 1 Corinthians 13 because it’s probably quoted at every wedding we go to. But what does it mean? Most of the time we associate it with romantic love between a husband and wife. But then how patient or kind are we really with them, when push comes to shove? Are we willing to let go of the record we’ve made of all the wrongs they’ve done to us? Did you know that despite everything we’ve done wrong, God keeps no record of any of it? When we ask His forgiveness, He not only forgives, but also forgets.

Lately I’ve been asking Him to show me how to love like He loves. Shortly after, the Lord woke me up in the night, started talking to me about a loving heart and gave me this:

A loving heart is patient because it understands how our Father is so patient with us.
A loving heart is kind because it has experienced the kindness of the Father.
A loving heart does not envy because it is grateful for the things the Father has given it. A loving heart doesn’t boast because it knows it’s validation doesn’t need to come from anyone other than our Father.
A loving heart isn’t proud because it knows it can do nothing apart from the Father.
A loving heart doesn’t dishonour others or seek itself because it can’t do those things and love others at the same time.
A loving heart isn’t easily angered or offended because it would rather address the root of the issue and help that person heal.
A loving heart does not keep record of wrongs because it knows the Father has never kept a record of our wrongs.
A loving heart always rejoices in the truth because it’s just reiterating what the Father would do.
A loving heart always protects the people near and dear to them, just like the Father.
A loving heart always trusts, because even though we’ve given our Father many reasons not to, he still always trusts us.
A loving heart always hopes because no matter how dark things may seem, it knows that as long as we still have breath we can still have hope because our Father is a miracle worker.
A loving heart always perseveres and keeps going, because it knows that all things work together for good.
A loving heart never fails because it knows that our Father will never give up on us. He’ll leave the 99 sheep just to come rescue us.

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