Things I’m Thankful for:

Clean Sheets


There is probably nothing better, after a long crazy day, than getting into soft, clean bed sheets. If it’s cold out, warm sheets are the best. Sometimes I put my sheets or blankets in the dryer for a few minutes right before bed time, so they’re nice and toasty when I crawl in. When it’s been a hot day (I live in the great white north so I don’t remember when that was), climbing into cool sheets is literally the best. Currently, I’m covered with 2 blankets and have 2 layers of clothes on and am still freezing, so I can’t relate to that one, I just vaguely remember it being pretty awesome.

Getting into my bed with the clothes you’ve been wearing all day, is absolutely forbidden. Many know this, and have tried, but only a few have succeeded. And with it came the screams and cries from an enraged female, which actually only made it worse (sometimes younger brothers are the worst). You should have been there the fateful day when I still lived with my parents, he got into my bed with his dirty work clothes on… the horror.

Anyways, back to the topic on hand. There really is something amazing about clean sheets. But not cheap sheets, a good set. The 1 million thread count ones… which I don’t have, but the Costco sets are a pretty close second. I’m only guessing because I have no clue what 1 million thread counts sheets would feel like: probably heaven, I’m guessing. I wonder if my mansion up in heaven will have them… Seriously though, the Costco sets are pretty fab. Perfectly fitted on top of my pillow top king sized bed = glorious, magnificent comfort. Now just to get my sleeping kids out of my spot and on to their own side.

Sigh, I had so many things I wanted to get done tonight. But writing this just made me super excited for bed time… ah bed time, another thing I’m beyond thankful for. My first and foremost favourite part of the day. We’ll save that one for another time. It deserves more thought and affection than I can currently give.

For now, I can hear my clean sheets calling… I’m on my way!


I lived in a couple houses where it didn’t either have a garage, or it was impossible to park in it in the winter. So when I moved in to my current house, I made sure I could park in the garage. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t say to myself or out loud that I’m thankful for my garage. Something many wish they had and others take for granted.

My morning consists of making lunches and yelling at children to get ready for school. But when we leave the house, it could be -1000 and I still don’t put a winter coat on, or even get out of my slippers. Why? Because I parked in the garage.

I thought about letting the girls take the bus. But the bus stop is down the street… I’d actually have to go outside and walk them to the bus stop. Yeah… I’m not doing that.

Think about it this way, a few weeks ago it was super cold and snowed over 2 feet in a period of a week. I didn’t have to start my car or brush the snow off of it once. I’m not bragging, I’m just trying to be thankful for everything. So many people park in their garages and don’t even think twice about it. Not everyone has this luxury. And yes, it is a luxury.

Things I’m thankful for.


Girls, we all know the same truth: washing our hair is a huge pain. You know that meme of the girls who has to wash her hair but isn’t emotionally ready to do it… yeah, that’s me. It’s not just washing my hair, it’s blow drying, straightening, etc., etc., etc. And while I am thankful for shampoo, conditioner, my blow dryer, and especially my straightener (I would be lost without it), sometimes a good ol’ fashioned hat, is a perfect way to cover up the fact that my long locks need to be washed.

Not only am I thankful that it covers it up, but it’s super cute. “Awe, you look so stylish with that hat on! It goes perfectly with your outfit!” “Oh thanks! I just kind of threw it on.” Meanwhile, you’re really thinking “thanks, I didn’t feel like washing my greasy hair this morning, and I’ve used all the dry shampoo I can, so I needed something to cover it up.”

In fact, it’s so stylish that even my 7 year sort of compliments me in it. I picked her up early from school the other day, and she says, “I thought I’d be embarrassed when you came to my class, but I actually wasn’t.” Thanks Olivia, that means so much.

So I’m thankful for the option of a touque or hat or beanie. Some days, really, really thankful.


If you’ve ever come to my house, 99 percent of the time, you’ll find me in sweatpants. That’s because as soon as I wake up, I put them on. And as soon as I get home from anywhere, I change into them. There’s really nothing better than a good old fashioned pair of sweats.

I have 3 pairs that I rotate. My oldest pair is 19 years old, and I can only wear them because I cut the string out. For some reason when I was in my early 20’s I tied a knot in the waist string because I thought I’d never get bigger than that, and if I did, life was over. When I could no longer get them over my thighs and butt, I put them away. But a few years ago, I accepted the fact that I’d never get that small again and cut the string. Such a good life choice, if I do say so myself. I’m wearing them right now actually.

My second pair is about 18 years old, and falling apart. But I still love them and wear them, all the time. I just have to be careful because there’s a big hole in the crotch. Haha.

My third pair is from my first year of university. They’re also falling apart, but I still love them too.

None of them are flattering, in fact, they’re the exact opposite. They look horrible. They’re not the fashionably cute ones that my sisters wear, either. They’re so frumpy. I always used to put my feet in them and step on them, so they all have huge holes in the heels. But I don’t care. I love them all. They’re all so comfortable. Pair them with a hoodie and no bra, and all is well with the world. Considering I’m in such an uncomfortable stage in life, I need to at least dress comfortably when I’m home. Home is where we should be comfortable, whatever that means to us.

So today, and pretty much every other day, I’m thankful for my sweatpants.

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