The Many Adventures of Sofia Evelina – Chapter 3

The Day Sofia Evelina learned to Read

Sofia Evelina was the most outgoing and friendliest kid you’d ever meet. She knew and played with every kid in the neighbourhood. She was the happiest when she was out with her friends. So you can imagine how she felt about having to come inside to do her homework every day after school. In case you were wondering, it wasn’t good.

         Sofia’s very least favourite subject in school was reading. For some reason, it just wasn’t going well for her. Sofia and her mom read together every day, and there was some improvement, but she still struggled. She wished she could be like her big sister, Olivia. Olivia was so smart. She didn’t need help with school work at all. Someone could show her how to do anything just one time, and she would pick it up, and be great at it. She was amazing at reading, math, sports, music, and everything in between. It just wasn’t fair!

         One day after school, Sofia and her mom were reading together. Sofia was trying to sound out words and her mom kept having to help her. Mom let out a frustrated sigh, which Sofia noticed right away. “I can’t do this, mom! I can’t read! I’m so stupid!”

         “Oh honey,” said her mom, “I’m so sorry. This is frustrating for both of us, but you’re by no means stupid. You’re so smart. Everyone just learns differently, and that’s okay!”

         “No I’m not smart!” Sofia argued. “Everyone can read better than me! I’m never going to learn to read!”

         “Now Sofia, you know that isn’t true!”

         “Yes it is! No one in my class is as bad at reading then me! I’m never going to learn!”

“Okay, that’s enough now! No more talking bad about yourself! Everyone learns differently, and is good at different things. You always compare yourself to the kids in your class, or Olivia, and it’s not a good thing to do. Olivia may be your sister, but she learns completely different than you. She is better at different things than you are, and she enjoys different things. Just like you’re better than her at some things.” Sofia’s mom pulled Sofia close and gave her a big cuddle. “Sofia, what do we always do when we’re feeling down?”

         Sofia rolled her eyes and sigh, “say what we’re thankful for. But I don’t feel like doing that. I just want to stop reading and go play!”

         “When we don’t feel like being thankful is when we should do it the most! I know when I don’t feel like being thankful but I decide to do it anyways, I always feel much better after.”

         Sofia looked up at her mom, puzzled, “You don’t want to be thankful sometimes?!”

         “Of course! We all go through times where we don’t want to be thankful. It’d be much easier to stay in our bad moods. Most people aren’t naturally thankful, and we have to work hard to make it a habit. So, with that all said, let’s do what we do when we’re down. You go ahead.”

         Sofia took a deep breath, “I’m thankful I can go to school and learn new things. I’m thankful that God gave me a mind that helps me learn new things, like reading. I’m thankful that my mom reads with me every day and helps me.”

         “Good job Sofia, now what do we say?”

         “I declare that I AM smart. I will learn to read, no matter what. I will be patient with myself, and not give up. I AM a good reader!”

         “Very good Sofia!” Her mom paused, and then continued, “Hey, do you know why we declare things? And say them out loud?”

         “No, but I do feel better when we do it.”

         “I’m glad you do! There is power in our words. What we say matters. The Bible says death and life are in the power of the tongue. So it’s really important to speak life.” Sofia’s mom gave Sofia a huge hug and a big sloppy kiss, “And did you know the name Sofia means ‘wisdom’? So every time I say your name, I’m saying that you’re one of the smartest people I know!”

         Sofia’s eyes widened. “Really?! That’s awesome! I should be reading in no time, then!”

         Her mom laughed, “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you this whole time!”

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